A place of support for adults living with ADHD

Do you find yourself struggling on your journey through life?  Do you feel like you can’t get out of your own way and that your motivation is lacking? Are you challenged with organization, social relationships, or focus? Are you struggling with other ADHD patterns?


About Me

My name is Rebecca MacDonald, and I offer a client-centered approach that focuses on your needs and allows space for you to share during the session. Within this approach, we collaboratively develop goals for our time together. I offer a combination of therapeutic approaches and draw on what I find relevant to support you along your journey. I offer an inclusive environment that strives to provide care from the point of initial contact throughout the therapeutic relationship.


Individual Counselling

A safe space to discuss your current stresses or challenges, to understand past traumas, improve your self-esteem, and explore recurring patterns that you may be facing.  

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Couples Counselling

Is ADHD creating problems in your relationship? As a therapist specializing in ADHD, I help couples learn how to manage the symptoms of ADHD and nurture happier and healthier relationships.

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Assessment and Treatment

Beyond ADHD is an online diagnosis and treatment option that is available to children and adults in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario. If you are looking for an assessment or more information on the assessment process, check out their website at https://beyondadhd.ca/

Thank you for the uniqueness that you individually offer to the neurotypical world

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