Couples Counselling

Currently offered virtually or in person

Work in collaboration with your partner and your therapist to explore the many challenges you are facing with ADHD, devise a plan of action, identify unique barriers, address scheduling challenges, learn communication tools, increase intimacy, and gain perspective of each other. By taking time to work on your relationship, it opens the door to the opportunity to strengthen your foundation as a couple and offer a more satisfying experience.

Some ADHD relationship questions:

“Why does my partner make snap decisions?” We may discuss strategies to support you both when making decisions so that we can work to curb the challenging moments of impulsivity.

“How do I help my partner keep to a budget?” We can discuss budgeting challenges and find ways for both of you to become comfortable with the amount of money being spent.

“Why does my partner never initiate intimacy?” We may talk about each partner’s needs and identify any barriers that may be present for allowing intimacy to take place.

“Why do I have to initiate all of the chores?” We can talk about sharing the burden and finding ways to come to a compromise that will invite participation from each partner.

“How come my partner doesn’t listen to me?” Communication skills are an essential foundation for any relationship and counselling can help both members to work on increasing communication.

“How can I trust my partner when they always forget things?” We may address how schedules are being managed and what might be necessary in terms of reminders, to help both partners know what is expected of them.

“Why is my partner always late?” Counselling can help to address time blindness and help to increase awareness of time, as well as helping to develop reminders to keep the brain on track.

Don’t let ADHD hold you back from living the life you want. With the right tools, strategies and support you can regain focus and control over your life and find joy in your relationship. Please reach out by email for more information on accessing services. 


Couples sessions are 1 ½ hours in length and cost $255.00 plus tax. Any individual sessions that take place within the couples therapy are 1 hour in length and cost $170.00 plus tax.  

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