Individual Services

Currently offered virtually or in person

Individual counselling supports you in facing the unique ADHD challenges that are present in your life. As an adult with ADHD it can be particularly hard and sometimes overwhelming to manage all of the adult responsibilities. Working with a counsellor to understand these particular difficulties can help to provide tools and strategies to adapt to the neurotypical world.

Some ADHD specific challenges:
• Motivation and Focus
• Self-criticism
• Career/Job stability
• Impulsiveness
• Time management
• Finances
• Self-advocating
• Social relationships
• Romantic relationships

There is help and hope available to you today. Counselling can help to identify your strengths and areas of giftedness. I offer you the opportunity to have an objective perspective to listen and provide support on your unique journey. Please reach out by email or use the contact form for more information on accessing services.

Individual sessions are 1 hour in length and cost $150.00 plus tax.

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